A river cuts through rock not because of its power, but its persistence

Health and fitness looks so different to all of us. Our greatest asset may not be our particular level of fitness, but our willingness to reach further. Peter is passionate about cheering you on through this process and making it as joyful as possible. After all, if we can learn to endure pain with a better attitude than we did previously, we will increase our abilities triple-fold.

Peter performed on and off broadway by the time he was in high school and trained as a professional dancer with the most exciting names in the industry. Many of his teachers and peers are now a part of the hit show So You Think You Can Dance. He has also appeared in fitness videos and has been teaching various athletic platforms for the last seven years. However, it is his love for people and inspiring greatness in others that brought him to the cycling arena. His enthusiasm, love for music, and the ability to translate that into a kick-ass class is why he is here. Come check out his mullet-move, dusty-saddle, and twerkbacks.


Current Music Obsession: Britney & Beyonce

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