Benefits of Spinning Classes you didn’t know

Banner 3 120x240BESPOKE Cycling Studio Los Angeles Spinning is one way you can feel better and energetic throughout the day after a session. It’s also a means of helping your body and its organs like the heart and lungs function more efficiently. Life is dependent on your heart and lungs hence heart health and lung capacity achieved from spinning classes are distinct benefits to your health, lifestyle, and social well-being.

Here is a glimpse at some of the advantages of spinning classes;

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Spinning classes may include both cardiovascular training and endurance. It can be performed as anaerobic exercises which involve building up muscular endurance and pulling energy from reserves over an extended period. The classes also have aerobic benefits.

Spinning classes have multiple benefits to your heart and lungs, and as you progress, you learn how to control your breathing. Controlled breathing will help you keep your anxiety in check and help lower the rate of your heart when you’re in a situation whereby physical exertion threatens to capture your breath.

Assists you in progressing at a pace of your preference

If you are a newbie in spinning classes, you don’t need to worry about being unaware of Aerobics or Step Routine. You can also feel free to pedal a little slower than the rest of the class without feeling awkward. Everyone is free to progress at a pace of their own and exercise spinning classes around Los Angeles California 

Helps you enjoy a low impact workout that is effective

Spinning classes will help you keep off pressure from your knees and feet unlike the stair steppers, elliptical and treadmills which can give them a traumatic impact. Spinner bikes do not hurt your feet and knees and are advisable for people with arthritis as well as individuals rehabilitating from an injury due to high impact cardio- vascular workouts and other intense exercises.

Burns calories

Spinning classes will help you burn calories in your body and induce weight loss. A session of a spinning class can help you burn an average of 500 calories. It is the most convenient way to cut fat because even cardio equipment cannot burn as many calories at an equal span of time.

 Helps you experience how time passes fast

Challenges continuously change on a spinning class. As you keep yourself busy working through each level, time passes by. Spinning instructors can also initiate positive mental distraction that can make you lose track of time.

Facilitates achieving shapely legs

Apart from losing weight, about our spin classes in Los Angeles can reward you with toned and shapely legs you desire. The large muscle groups used to spin finally develop shapely hamstrings, thighs, and calves.


Spinning is fun

Riding spinner bikes bring everyone together in class irrespective of your fitness level. It gives the class an opportunity to be cohesive, encourage and inspire each other so that everyone achieves their goals.

An indoor cycling studioBuilding participant’s mental strength

Warming up and cooling down is an excellent way to relax. Closing your eyes to meditate does benefit you greatly. Spinning can help you push through difficult times and help you gain self-discipline of the mind that can apply in areas of life, especially through confidence and self-control.

Helps you get a great abdominal workout

Apart from the major leg muscles, abdominal muscles get a work out during spinning classes when you maintain the correct posture. The upper body rhythm helps keep your leg rhythm going as well. Your whole body begins to tone up after a while.

Increases the workout breaking point of your body

As you exercise harder in spinning classes blog, the point at which your body feels fatigue becomes lower with time. If you reach the breaking point and work through it, you get the benefit of natural endorphin kick which most athletes enjoy.

5 Ways to get More out of your Spin class

Instagram 3 640x640Spin class has become a favorite way for many to get exercise – it is the most popular group cycling exercise spinning classes around Los Angeles California in gyms around the world. It is easy to see why – it is not just a passing fad; it is a very effective way to lose weight and stay fit. Many people also like it because unlike lone workouts where it can get lonely and leave one feeling discouraged, this is a group sport that is led by an instructor, meaning there are higher chances of staying motivated.

Spinning is not easy; it is intense; you will be on that bike for between 40 and 50 minutes for each session and it can get very tiring. In fact, first timers will tell you that it can be so grueling that time slows down to a stop. So how do the more experienced spinners do it? Using a great technique called visualization. Spin class instructors use it to get everyone through it, but you can take it to a whole new level if you want to get the most out of your spin class. Visualization in spin class simply means that you transport your thoughts to some place that is more meaningful to you than the gym – in other words, you mentally travel to a place where you will enjoy riding much more.

Bespoke Cycling Classes in Los Angeles, CaliforniaYour instructor will help you get started – he may tell you, for instance, to imagine that you are enjoying a ride on a trail on a warm day – but because the physical exercise is so exhausting you may find that you don’t stay there for long. Your tired muscles soon bring you back to the gym and you may even find that you are too tired to continue. It doesn’t have to be that way; you can improve your visualization techniques using these 5 tips:

1.    It is very important to close your eyes when spinning to get rid of distractions. You want to be able to mentally focus on a place that means something to you and it is hard to do that with all the movement around you. Closing your eyes helps keep you in the mental location of your choice.

2.    Decide on a cycling location that has meaning to you. Do you particularly enjoy the commute to work? Did you cherish a holiday in rural France? If yes, imagine yourself cycling through the hills on a warm morning with the sun beating on your back. Do not limit yourself to your cycling alone – around you there are people walking on the path, there could be cows and other domestic animals – in other words, whatever makes it real for you.

3.    It is important to stay positive throughout your visualization experience. You should see yourself achieving your goal. If, for instance, your visualization is of getting to work stay with it until you park your bike at your office. When you feel yourself faltering remind yourself that you can do it.

4.    It is important to address all your senses during visualization. Visual – what do you see? Auditory- what do you hear?  Kinesthetic – how does your body feel? Smell – what does the air around you smell like? And lastly, taste – how does it taste? All these things help to make your visualization all the more real.

5.    Lastly, visualization is not the easiest thing to achieve. There are many distractions in spin class and you may find that you fail the first few times you try it. Do not be discouraged – the good news is that the more you do it the better you get at it so keep trying and before long you will be transported quite easily to a mental destination of your choice.

These tips should help you with visualization for spin classes in Los Angeles.