Cycling and The Busy LA Life

As a resident of Los Angeles, you know just how busy the life can get – you have to work, you have a social life to attend to and if you have a family, it is even more hectic. Many LA residents find that they don’t have enough time to keep fit with all these commitments pressing on them. Fortunately, there is one indoor sporting activity that you can take that comes with a whole host of benefits – you can enroll in a spin class.

Los Angeles Certified Spin Classes by Bespoke

In case you are wondering what it is, it is simply indoor cycling in one stationary position. What’s the fun in that? Spin classes are great because you don’t have to find time to go outdoors to get some exercise. They are conducted by a certified spin class instructor and they can be made bespoke depending on your needs. Apart from the fact that they are convenient, they are also great because:

•    They are FUN! I know…how much fun can you have cycling on one spot? Actually, you don’t just sit there and cycle – you cycle to music which makes it a lot more enjoyable. Your certified instructor can take requests if you would like any particular music to cycle to. Read how Cycling can influence your mind, as well as your body.

•    Anyone can join regardless to whether you are a beginner or a professional cyclist. This is such a flexible activity because of the intervals between workouts. Your trainer will decide on what intervals should be depending on how good a cyclist you are so you never have to push yourself past your limits – in other words, your become stronger and more fit over time without giving your muscles too heavy a load. Learn here how Bespoke instructors get certified.

•    You lose weight in all parts of your body. Some people dismiss spin class because they assume that it is only good for the legs. That is simply not true. Once again, your trainer will create bespoke sessions to make sure that you get a full-body workout. How about, for example, cycling while dribbling a basketball, or with dumbbells?

•    Take advantage of the class to foster team spirit. Traditionally, cycling has been a lone sport where you on the road with your thoughts. Spin class changes all that – you have training-mates and there is lots of camaraderie.

•    Injuries are rare in spin class because you never do more than your body can bear.

If you have joined an LA spinning class yet it is high time that you found one near you!

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