Meet Jessica – March 2019 Rider of the Month

OT: “I chose Jessica because from the first time she took my class she let me know how much I made her push herself. Ever since that day, I have strived bring that experience to every single rider. Jessica sneaks her way into the back row without being noticed, but her energy always radiates to the front. She brings her A-game to every ride and does it with pride. She is officially apart of my #ShawteeSquad!”

  1. When did you start riding?  Last summer.
  2. What made you search for an indoor cycling studio?  My friends at work loved it and convinced me to give it a try. 
  3. Had you ever spun before BESPOKE before joining?  Years ago, at a 24-hour fitness (BESPOKE is for sure a giant upgrade – this place was super old school)
  4. Who is your fitness role model, and why? Probably my Dad.  He just turned 65 and still competes in off-road motorcycle racing.
  5. What is your favorite music to cycle too?  I like all kinds of music in general, so anything that keeps me going, I’m down for.  
  6. Tell us of a specific accomplishment you’ve had with your active lifestyle.  I ran the LA Marathon in 2012.  I didn’t die.  So maybe one day I’ll try again.
  7. What keeps you motivated lately?  I got pretty sick at the end of last year and ended up having surgery.  It sounds corny, but to feel good, be healthy, and be able to exercise, is motivation enough. 
  8. How consistent are you with riding on a weekly basis?  It all depends on work, but I do my best to make it as much as I can. 
  9. On a scale of 1 – 10 how healthy do you feel incorporating cycling into your lifestyle?  10 – there’s never a time when I walk out of class and think – that was a mistake, I should’ve ordered a pizza instead.  I always feel better after going. 
  10. What would you tell new riders?  Just do your thing – don’t worry about anyone else.  No one is you, and that is your power.  
  11. What has been your most memorable experience with BESPOKE?  My second class ever was music-less (technical difficulties).  It proved that BESPOKE instructors can hang, and are the real deal.  It ended up being a great workout! 
  12. How much weight did you lose from day one? I’m not sure.  I try to stay away from the scale and pay more attention to how I feel (and how my jeans fit).  I’m sure if I cut out the cocktails I could be leaner, but what’s the fun in that?  For me, the benefit of spinning has been mostly mental. 
  13. Where there any obstacles or challenges you faced in losing weight?  Honestly, I do struggle with balance; I’m still not sure what moderation is/feels like, but I’m learning! 

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