Meet Sylvia & Yo Santosa – April 2019 Riders of the Month

#theBESPOKEeffect with Sylvia and Yo Santosa

Nominated by Instructor Orlando

Sylvia Riding Since:  November 2017 | Rides Taken: 190

Yo Riding Since: December 2018   | Rides Taken: 167

In Orlando’s words: these two show up for every class, and not just mine – sometimes they double up with back-to-back classes. A BESPOKE trend! The thing about these two, they don’t just show up, they go hard! This is not a requirement but they give over 100% each time they ride. On and off the bike they bring smiles, jokes and overall good energy to the class, and the entire studio. These two are always pleasant and sweet. They don’t keep all this BESPOKE goodness to themselves… they often bring a guest to the studio!

Question: When did you start riding?

Silvia: Jan 2018

Question: What made you search for an indoor cycling studio?

Silvia: Curiosity. I’ve been a runner for 20 years and looking for a good cardio alternative.

Question:  Do you know how many rides you’ve taken?

Silvia:  Around 150.

Question:  How did you hear about BESPOKE?

Silvia:  Classpass

Question:  Had you ever spun before BESPOKE before joining?

Silvia: Yes, I’ve tried Soul Cycle.

Question:  Who is your fitness role model, and why?

Silvia: My mom, she will be 70 in a couple of years and works out consistently each morning to keep healthy, looking and feeling good.

Question:  Who is your fitness role model, and why?

Yo: My sister. Check out her arms.

Question: What is your favorite music to cycle too?

Silvia: Retro Hip Hop.

Question: Tell us of a specific accomplishment you’ve had with your active lifestyle.

Silvia: I’ve been able to reduce my body fat %.

Question: What keeps you motivated lately?

Silvia: Other consistent riders help keep me motivated along with Orlando’s classes – his direction, choreography, energy, and music keeps me engaged to push myself each class. And his smile is just…magical.

Question:  What would you tell new riders?

Yo: It’s ok if you can’t keep up, you’ll get better! My first ride, I rode like I am strolling at the beach. 😉

Question: What changes have you made that are working for you?

Silvia: I book my seats in advance so I am committed. Riding with my sister so we try to keep each other accountable.

Question: How consistent are you with riding on a weekly basis?

Silvia: 3 times per week consistency.

Question: What is the most important part of your transformation?

Silvia: I am stronger than I thought, physically and mentally.

Question: What would you tell new riders?

Silvia: Don’t be intimidated, you can go at your own pace, nobody judges. Try out different instructors, so you can find the style that suits you best. The instructors and environment are there to support you and your self-discovery.

Question: What has been your most memorable experience with BESPOKE?

Silvia: Riding with both my sister and mom last year.

Question:  Where there any obstacles or challenges you faced in losing weight?

Yo: Abstinence from fried chicken.

Question:  How long did it take to see major changes?

Silvia: 6 months of spinning consistently.

Question:  Lose any inches from your waist?

Silvia: I think so.

Question:  Where there any obstacles or challenges you faced in losing weight?

Silvia: Controlling my overeating has been a challenge for me. Food is just so good.

Question: On a scale of 1 – 10 how healthy do you feel incorporating cycling into

your lifestyle?

Silvia: 8


Meet Jessica – March 2019 Rider of the Month

OT: “I chose Jessica because from the first time she took my class she let me know how much I made her push herself. Ever since that day, I have strived bring that experience to every single rider. Jessica sneaks her way into the back row without being noticed, but her energy always radiates to the front. She brings her A-game to every ride and does it with pride. She is officially apart of my #ShawteeSquad!”

  1. When did you start riding?  Last summer.
  2. What made you search for an indoor cycling studio?  My friends at work loved it and convinced me to give it a try. 
  3. Had you ever spun before BESPOKE before joining?  Years ago, at a 24-hour fitness (BESPOKE is for sure a giant upgrade – this place was super old school)
  4. Who is your fitness role model, and why? Probably my Dad.  He just turned 65 and still competes in off-road motorcycle racing.
  5. What is your favorite music to cycle too?  I like all kinds of music in general, so anything that keeps me going, I’m down for.  
  6. Tell us of a specific accomplishment you’ve had with your active lifestyle.  I ran the LA Marathon in 2012.  I didn’t die.  So maybe one day I’ll try again.
  7. What keeps you motivated lately?  I got pretty sick at the end of last year and ended up having surgery.  It sounds corny, but to feel good, be healthy, and be able to exercise, is motivation enough. 
  8. How consistent are you with riding on a weekly basis?  It all depends on work, but I do my best to make it as much as I can. 
  9. On a scale of 1 – 10 how healthy do you feel incorporating cycling into your lifestyle?  10 – there’s never a time when I walk out of class and think – that was a mistake, I should’ve ordered a pizza instead.  I always feel better after going. 
  10. What would you tell new riders?  Just do your thing – don’t worry about anyone else.  No one is you, and that is your power.  
  11. What has been your most memorable experience with BESPOKE?  My second class ever was music-less (technical difficulties).  It proved that BESPOKE instructors can hang, and are the real deal.  It ended up being a great workout! 
  12. How much weight did you lose from day one? I’m not sure.  I try to stay away from the scale and pay more attention to how I feel (and how my jeans fit).  I’m sure if I cut out the cocktails I could be leaner, but what’s the fun in that?  For me, the benefit of spinning has been mostly mental. 
  13. Where there any obstacles or challenges you faced in losing weight?  Honestly, I do struggle with balance; I’m still not sure what moderation is/feels like, but I’m learning! 

Meet Charles – February 2019 Rider of the Month

How can you walk into the BESPOKE studio, see Charles’ smiling face (and some spectacular hair color), and not know that you have stepped into one of the coolest and friendliest cycling studios DTLA… no, correct that, LA has to offer.  Whether morning, noon or night, you have a great chance of catching a “Charles sighting” because the man is a spin demon, often doubling up and inspiring fellow BESPOKE riders to take it to the next level. This man defines bike number “5”, front and center and ready to burn up some calories and set the pace for the class.  Following an injury I had in December, Charles became the “go to” guy to ride the instructors’ bike while I hopped and skipped around the room ordering all you riders to “tap it back!”, And the man never misses a tap back! Ok, one last thing, you know all the inspiring newsletters and BESPOKE marketing stuff… yup, your man Charles is keeping us all connected.  Now, Y’all just roll them shoulders back, take a deep a breath, in through your nose, out through your mouth, and join me with a big shout out to Charles!

When did you start riding?

Started riding in July 2016 at other studios. Came across BESPOKE in April of 2018. Rode with Instructor Erika for my initial first ride and could NOT keep up with the class. It’s rewarding to see how far I’ve come in such a short time.


How many rides have you taken in total to date?

Did the math with the front desk staff and tallied up 172 rides in 10 months.


What made you search for an indoor cycling studio?

I didn’t have any desire to try indoor cycling until a friend of mine asked me to try it out with her. From there I had started taking classes whenever I could find a good deal. Lol.


How did you hear about BESPOKE?

The same friend told me I should try this cycling studio she stumbled across on Class Pass. I took the free intro class and fell in love with the studio. This studio has friendliest staff and instructors. The sense of community is what made me return for more.


Had you ever spun before BESPOKE before joining?

I had spun at Flywheel and Soul Cycle. Both are great studios, but BESPOKE keeps me coming back for more every week because of the remarkable instructors welcoming staff. A tip of the hat to the instructors and staff!


Who is your fitness role model, and why?

This is such a hard question because there are so many fitness role models around me on a daily basis… If I had to choose, it would have to be my best friend. He’s been constant motivation for me since we were teenagers. He’s kept me aligned with being active, and making sure that an active lifestyle is a priority in my life. The dude is a health nut, and it’s always good to have one of those close by I suppose. Thanks, Mark!


What is your favorite music to cycle to?

Definitely EDM! Those beats man… They’re perfect for flats, sprints, and hills. Its very adaptable music for a spin in my opinion, but I’ll also take good remix or mash-up!


Tell us of a specific accomplishment you’ve had with your active lifestyle.

My dexterity has definitely improved. I find myself more flexible and agile in the last few months. I used to have bad back problems from being overweight and not caring about posture. Haven’t really felt that pain much since I started spinning consistently and becoming more active across the board.


What keeps you motivated lately?

Seeing the consistent progress I’ve been achieving keeps me motivated for one. Secondly, being surrounded by like-minded individuals in the studio helps keep me on track also. Sitting front and center is also pretty motivating during class. Shoutout to all the instructors who stay calling me out during class. You push me further to become better with every ride 🙂


What changes have you made that are working for you?

Honestly, I stopped drinking alcohol and consuming cannabis as frequently as I did before. I didn’t overdo it (usually) with either substance, but they both have side effects that would render me useless after consumption. That part of the consumption wasn’t fun, and I started to hate the feeling when I canceled spin class after spin class. I gradually started cutting down consumption of both all together to find a better balance that worked for me and my active lifestyle.


Any other breakthroughs you’ve had that you want to share?

Physically speaking, this is the thinnest and physically fit I’ve been in over 10+ years. Mentally I’m always in a great headspace all the time thanks to the endorphins! When you feel good, you look good. Then you spread the good!


How consistent are you with riding on a weekly basis?

Recently I have been averaging about 5-8 rides. Usually only ride from Tuesday to Saturday’s if you wanna join! If my schedule permits, I double up back-to-back classes to burn some extra calories. Being called out by an instructor between classes will manifest a double spin also… Lol.


On a scale of 1 – 10 how healthy do you feel incorporating cycling into your lifestyle?

Without questions, a 10. Adding cycling into my daily routine has really helped me achieve and maintain a healthy weight. After being told by a doctor that I was overweight a while back, I realized that something needed to change. Being referred to the studio was the best thing that could have happened to me.


What advice do you have for new riders?

Take a couple of classes, join the studio for a few weeks and see how you like it from there. Group fitness nor cycling is for everyone… Rome wasn’t built in a day so your endurance, and ability to follow all the chores, will come in time. Another rider said, “Spin never gets easier, but you do get better.” That’s spin in a nutshell. Anyone can do it well if you constantly commit mentally and try your hardest each ride.


What has been your most memorable experience with BESPOKE?

We obviously don’t go anywhere on these stationary in-studio bikes, but racing Instructor Steve during his final flats have become a reoccurring memorable experience. The end of his classes consists of a final sprint with low resistance and a high volume of rotations. He’ll call me out so that we can go head-to-head on who can “spin the fastest”—if that’s even a thing because we’re not going anywhere… *shrugs* Friendly competition never hurt anyone. Ha!


How much weight did you lose from day one?

I haven’t lost too much weight. I’ve lost about 22lbs since my first ride, but the significant change has been in body fat. I’ve dropped about 5% body fat in the 10 months that I’ve been actively riding at the studio.


How long did it take to see major results?

When I joined the studio, I had already started being pretty active, so it was probably a good 3 or so months before I saw any physical results. Within the first month, however, I could tell that my endurance is getting better. I could keep up with classes without gassing out halfway through.


Lose any inches from your waist?

I have lost 5 inches around my waist to date and have dropped four pant sizes. It sounds great and all, but now it’s hard to find a nice pair of pants that fit me well! #firstworldproblems


Where there any obstacles or challenges that you faced in losing weight?

Every day is an obstacle for me, especially in my work environment. Having fast metabolism is foreign to me, so I can understand why gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins! I am constantly hungry but having healthy alternatives in a fast-paced work environment isn’t always an option. I have to make those options available to myself.



Meet Rachael – January 2019 Rider of the Month

Hector: “I chose Rachael as a Rider of the Month because she, like many before her, have become staples to the BESPOKE community. Rachael is one of those members you just instantly remembered and got to know; you couldn’t miss her hot pink hair and just awesome vibe. She is usually always there in the mornings riding front row, doing back to back classes with the usual Starbucks run in between! Ha. She’s someone like I’m sure many others are that have made fitness and spinning a lifestyle and will continue to for years to come. :)”

When was your first ride?
February 2017

How many rides have You taken in total to date?

What made you search for an indoor cycling studio?
Honestly…I went overboard eating on a trip and needed to feel less bloated. Heard spinning was the way to go!

How did you hear about BESPOKE?
A friend suggested it actually. It was too hot to go hiking, so she brought me to BESPOKE instead.

Tell us of a specific accomplishment you’ve had with your active lifestyle.
I joined a weight loss challenge and through consistency in taking BESPOKE classes, I lost over 20 pounds.

How consistent are you with riding on a weekly basis?
6-10 rides a week. If I can, I double up. Everyone should try it at some point. Seems intimidating, and sometimes a bit crazy,  but the second class almost always feels like it goes by faster! Body is already warm and loose and ready for the beating. Ha!

What would you tell new riders?
Don’t get discouraged. It does take about 4-5 rides to get used to spinning. Also, it doesn’t get easier, but you get better, and it does feel rewarding when you can start keeping up to the beat of the music!


Meet Maya – December 2018 Rider of the Month

Maya was nominated by studio General Manager Maritzabell. A corporate extraordinaire by day and spin queen by night. Maya is so inspiring, she can be found at BESPOKE on weekends, sharing her spunk, smiles and warm wishes for workout success from behind our front desk. Maya is part of the coveted BESPOKE family and we cherish her drive and consistency as a rider, family member and career woman!

Her weekdays are filled with the corporate minutiae that can drain anyone’s momentum .. NOT MAYA! She allows it to fuel her into focus and drive, investing in her transformation. She began as a rider and now we literally pay for her presence – she is such a delight. 
Follow her journey below and stop by to say hi to her on weekends! Weekdays, she is right next to YOU,  tapping it back and adding resistance on the front row. Join her, join us & share your success! “


When did you start riding?

I took my first cycling class in August 2016. My first class at Bespoke was in February 2017.


What made you search for an indoor cycling studio?

I used to be a runner when I was younger and I hurt my knees. I was bored with the same workouts and always working out on my own, so I tried indoor cycling for the first time with the hope of finding an intense but low-impact workout. I wanted to mix up the stale routine I had at that time. The competition of a class and the motivation of an instructor make cycling the perfect fitness destination for me.


Do you know how many rides you’ve taken?

I am somewhere around 100-120!  I try to take class three or four times a week.


How did you hear about BESPOKE?

I used to live a block over from Bespoke and I walked by the studio after leaving Target. I was excited to try a studio so close to my home!


Had you even spun before BESPOKE before joining? 

Yes, I spun before joining BESPOKE. However, I really liked the instructors I had at Bespoke. I believed they were the best and most challenging in February 2017 and I believe that today.


Who is your fitness role model, and why?

I know I am wiggling out of this question with this answer, but I truly view all of our instructors as role models. I am so impressed by the ability to lead a class of cyclists while really working hard on the bike yourself. I feel that I learn different approaches and pick up bits of knowledge that make me a better rider with each class. I know several of our instructors well, and they each have unique challenges in their lives that make their energy, dedication, and stamina admirable to me.


What is your favorite music to cycle too?

I enjoy a really wide range of music, but on the bike, I am all about a great beat! I am a big hip hop fan, but I also enjoy more dance/EDM mixes. Thanks to Hector, I really like cycling to Latin songs as well.


Tell us of a specific accomplishment you’ve had with your active lifestyle.

I specifically love the confidence I have gained from cycling. I feel comfortable wearing whatever I want to wear, and I never worry about not being able to fit any of my clothes. I used to be very self-conscious, but it is so great to be comfortable in a swimsuit any time in LA!


What keeps you motivated lately?

I truly have a great time in class, so most of the time just the idea of going to class is enough to keep me motivated. I am also a person who focuses on an event or occasion and I plan what I am going to wear, how I want to look, etc. My birthday is coming up at the end of January, so I will definitely be focused on exercising and eating well before then.


What changes have you made that are working for you?

I started a new medication in June that interacts with alcohol, so I haven’t had any since then! That has made a big change in my lifestyle, mood, energy, and overall well-being. I also cut back to one serving of caffeine a day. Both of these changes have helped me sleep better and then have more energy for cycling (and life in general).


Any other breakthroughs you’ve had that you want to share?

I had two major breakthroughs on the bike. The first one was the first time I made it through a whole class without missing any choreography and staying on beat. The second was making it through a class and having a great time. There’s another wall you cross where it just becomes much more fun and a lot more like dancing rather than hard work.


How consistent are you with riding on a weekly basis?

I strive for four classes a week, but realistically I attend three. I do skip a week here and there, for illness or travel. I recently started adding a mix of weights, yoga, and barre to the days I don’t cycle.


On a scale of 1 – 10 how healthy do you feel incorporating cycling into your lifestyle?

10 being the healthiest possible, I would give the addition of cycling to my lifestyle a true 10. There is not much better than the healthy feeling after a class – the feeling of giving it your all and leaving the room to take on whatever comes my way. The most challenging part of the day has been conquered and anything else is easy!


What would you tell new riders?

Cycling just keeps getting better! It is really challenging when you begin, and your first several classes will be very difficult. You will most likely experience soreness in muscles you did not know you had. However, it gets better! You will slowly master the choreography, and catch the faster beats on the bike. The best feeling is breaking through your old limits and accomplishing more on the bike than you did in your last class.


What has been your most memorable experience with BESPOKE?

The most memorable part of Bespoke is the community we have at the studio. I feel that we are one of the most open and welcoming studios. I know fellow riders from all walks of life, all ages, and all activity levels. I love that we can all come together in one room and cycle despite any differences we might have. I am so grateful for the friends I have made and the kindness, support, and encouragement of everyone at Bespoke.



How much weight did you lose from day one?

I am down 15lbs since I started the trade for service program in April!


How long did it take to see major changes? 

I saw improvement in my first month, from April to May. I was moderately active at the time, so I definitely was not starting from scratch. I was able to burn a lot of the fat I wanted to lose fairly quickly!


Lose any inches from your waist?

Absolutely! Clothes that were almost too tight to wear are loose now, I have lost a size or two depending on brand.

(I didn’t take initial measurements so I can’t give a number here)


Where there any obstacles or challenges you faced in losing weight?

Yes, I have a demanding day job so I really had to prioritize working out. It is not always easy to commit to a schedule for working out so I had block out time for cycling. It is always difficult to eat healthy when you are busy, so I had to think about what I was eating and how each food made me feel. By making these two changes, I saw a lot of improvement.



Interview with Elady

5 Random facts about yourself?

1-I am a NY Giants & NY Yankees fan

2-Love taking Naps even as an adult

3-I lost over 95 lbs in 2007 on my own

4-Indulging in Restaurant tortilla chips and Peanut Butter are my daily weaknesses

5-I say things backwards inverting in my head from Spanish to English (example toilet paper comes out like paper toilet)


Where are you from?

Born in Manhattan NY, Raised in Puerto Rico.


What is the most Courageous thing you’ve done in your life?

Moved myself and my kids from Puerto Rico to LA without knowing anyone to start a new life.


What makes you laugh?

Anything that comes out of Amy Schumers mouth.


One of your embarrassing life moments?

Getting in the wrong car and the stranger looking at me strangely.


What do you think would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?

The hardest thing for me to give up on will be peanut butter.


Do you have any special/hidden talents?

Not that I know of as of yet lol


Name three things you consider yourself to be very bad at:

1 – Cooking,

2 – Horrible sense of direction, I get lost a lot,

3 – Returning calls in a timely manner (ie 5 minutes usually means 5 hours or 5 days 😉


What is your favorite music style?

Hip Hop and Spanish music


Are you usually late, early or right on time?

The only time that I’m early is when I teach a class. I’m usually late for any event AND it’s not intentionally.


What do you do in your free time?

I like to catch up with a few shows on Hulu and Netflix.


Do you like to shop?

I love to shop… Who doesn’t?


Write down all the words you would use to describe yourself:

Determined, Loyal, Funny, Dedicated, Sarcastic, Energetic, Morning Person, Homebody, Generous, Hard Working, Driven, Cranky when I don’t take my naps, Bashful, Fun!


What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

Zip lining the highest points of Costa Rica.


What do you like about yourself?

I am caring and want the best for the one’s that I love, especially my kids/partner/co-workers.


What is one thing you wish you had more of in your life?



What do you not like about yourself?

I can be impatient with certain things & procrastinate with others and also be too indulgent with Chips.


Your bucket list?

Travel to South Africa for a Safari, Bora Bora for the Water Bungalows, & Italy for the culture/food/wine

I would love to see Madonna, Janet Jackson, & Adele in concert

Have dinner with Oprah & Ellen at the same time

Attend a Super Bowl with the NY Giants playing in it.


What radio stations do you listen to?

I usually listen to Spotify but when I do it’s 105.9 (Power 106).


As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A police officer (not anymore).


What would you do if you had insomnia and had to find something to do to amuse yourself?

Start making class playlists for weeks in advance.


Name three things you consider yourself to be very good at:

1 – Indoor Cycling/Spinning

2 – Communicating in Spanish

3 – Rolling my eyes


Who has had the most influence on you?

Both of my grandmothers Maria & Luz.



Fate brought me to BESPOKE.  I went to get Schwinn certified and ended up auditioning that same afternoon for BESPOKE.  I know now that it was meant to be. I am happy to be a part of BESPOKE and we could grow a new company from the ground up together.


Get a head start and book your bike with Elady!

Get to Know Erica

“Sports have always been a part of my life, and indoor cycling has helped me stay in shape throughout the years. I love sharing my love for fitness with riders who want to improve themselves with challenging and fun classes.” – Erica


  1. What is your  favorite food?

Pizza, maybe it’s because I just ate some

  1. Where is your dream place?


  1. What do you do to de-stress?

Sleep and massages

  1. What is the most Courageous thing you’ve done in your life?

Worn squibs and being shot by a AK47, filming a live action scene in the ghetto of Florida at 4 am.

  1. Where are you from?

Michigan and Arizona

  1. When did you cry last time? And why?

every day! it feels good 🙂

  1. If you’ve won 1,000,000 what the first thing we’ve spend on?

Financing an important story into a feature film.

  1. How about you got $1 million dollars and you had to use it all in a week? Would that change your answer?


  1. What is your favorite music style?

honestly, classical, it calms me 🙂

  1. Write down all the words you would use to describe yourself below








  1. If you could only eat ONE thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Kombucha, that’s not considered eating so salad.

  1. What do you like about yourself? What do you not like about yourself?

My intensity, my intensity… LOL

  1. What is one thing you wish you had more of in your life?


  1. What radio stations do you listen to?


  1. Are you afraid of the dark?


  1. What time did you go to bed at and when did you awake?

10 pm on a good day, 5-6 am because I get to teach 6 am’s woo!

  1. Have you ever changed clothes in a vehicle?

every day

  1. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Marine Biologist

  1. Who has had the most influence on you?

My acting mentors, Diana Castle and Faline England

  1. What would you do if you had insomnia and had to find something to do to amuse yourself?

I do have insomnia, I read until I pass out 🙂

  1. Name three things you consider yourself to be very good at and three things you consider yourself to be very bad at.

Imagining other worlds, exercising, getting excited.

Calming down, waiting and standing still.

  1. How do you spend a typical Saturday night?

A glass of wine, a good meal and reading. My boyfriend calls me ‘grandma

  1. Why BESPOKE?

I have much appreciation for self starters and for women who turn their visions into reality. Tatyana is a strong woman and committed entrepreneur, who inspires me to go after my dreams.


Get to Know Shai’La

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, exercise and fitness have always been a huge part of Shai’La’s life.  She participated and competed nationally in dance and cheerleading for the majority of her childhood and teenage years.  While in college at UC Santa Barbara, Shai’La took interest in indoor cycling, and fell in love.  She has been cycling for over seven years, and loves the physical (and most importantly) the emotional growth she’s obtained while on the bike.  When Shai’La isn’t on the podium, you can catch her dj’ing for clients all over LA!

Quote:  “What other people think of you is none of your business… DO YOU!”

Favorite Artists:  Goldlink, Anderson.Paak, Kaytranada, Rihanna, SZA, Drake, NAO

Fun Fact:  Shai’La is obsessed with the color hot pink!

Would You Rather Questions:

Would you rather have $50,000 free and clear or $150,000 that is illegal?

  • $150,000 illegal


Would you rather have the details of your romantic life be made into a hit sit-com or have everyone you meet know your personal finances?

  • Hit sit-com!  I think it would be a huge success!


Would you rather have a photographic memory or gain an extra 40 IQ points?

  • Gain 40 IQ points


Would you rather stay in a luxury hotel free of charge for one year or have a chauffeur driven limousine free of charge for one year?

  • Chauffeur free of charge


Would you rather be unable to see for one day or unable to use your phone for one month?

  • Unable to see for 24 hours… I want the challenge!


Would you rather be able to fly or turn invisible?

  • Turn invisible


Would you rather have a home with a great living room or a great back yard?

  • Great backyard for sure!


Would you rather be able to lie without being caught or always be able to tell when someone is lying?

  • I’d want to know when other people were lying.


Would you rather be able to eat anything and any quantity of food with no negative health effects, or be refreshed and well rested after only three hours of sleep?

  • Refreshed and well rested after three hours seems like the better trade off… then you’d have more waking hours to eat in general!


Would you rather have an extra hour every day or have $40 given to you free and clear every day?  

  • A free $40 never hurt anyone!


Would you take up smoking for $30,000?  

  • I wouldn’t take up smoking for any amount of money…


Would you rather share a toothbrush with a random stranger or kiss your brother/sister on the mouth.  

  • My siblings have excellent dental hygiene, so I’ll take the kiss for sure!


Would you rather win the Nobel Peace Prize or have the $1.2 Million that comes with the prize?

  • Umm… the $1.2 Million!


Would you rather go on vacation anywhere in the world for one week or spend 24 hours with anyone in the world but be unable to leave your house during that time?

  • Vacation anywhere for one week


Assuming you wake up with no memory of the night before, Would you rather discover that you had lost $75 or discover that you had an extra $300 but have no idea what you did to earn it?

  • Extra $300… who cares how you got it!


Would you rather fly on Air Force One with the president or have a minor reoccurring role on a popular television show?

  • Reoccuring role on a TV…


Would you allow a benefactor to pay off all of your debt if it meant that you could never go into any amount of debt in the future?

  • YES!


Would you rather have one year off at your current rate of pay or work your current job for a year at double your current rate of pay?

  • Current jobs for double the rate.


Would you rather give someone a gift that is a truly bad gift or give no gift at all?

  • No gift at all…


Would you rather accidentally drop a hammer on your toe or accidentally drop a hammer on the tow of a complete stranger?

  • Whoops… sorry stranger 🙂


Would you rather have someone bring you breakfast in bed tomorrow morning or be able to sleep in as late as you want?

  • Sleep in!


Would you rather receive a lifetime supply of meals from your favorite restaurant or a lifetime supply of gasoline?

  • Lifetime supply of gasoline.  There’s no one restaurant I love enough, but I’ll always be driving.


Would you rather be able to see one year into the future or change any one decision from your past?

  • Change a decision from the past



Eye cream, Face Cream, Repair Cream… Oh my!

Are you overwhelmed by over-the-counter skincare products? You’re not alone. Walk into any beauty store, and feast your eyes on aisles and aisles of cleansers, moisturizers, and MORE! Where do you start? What’s right for you? And which of these “essential” products are truly essential? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. We dug deep into our department stores and found the last list of skincare products you’ll ever need.

Makeup remover
WHY? Other skin products will not work if you’re putting them on top of make-up. When your face is clean, it’s ready to receive the benefits from other skin products you’re about to put on.
WHY? A good cleanser will remove any leftover residue or small traces of make-up. You’d be surprised to find just how much make-up may be left over after you wash your face!
WHY? As we get older, our skin is more prone to have build-up and an uneven surface. Exfoliators can penetrate this build-up and prevent breakouts or wrinkles.
WHY? UV rays from the sun can cause early aging or even worse – skin cancer! Many makeup products and moisturizers offer sun protection. Don’t leave the house without it!
WHY? Dehydrated skin can make you look tired! Use moisturizer daily and nightly on your face and your neck.
Eye gel or cream
WHY? The area around the eyes is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of the face and is more prone to the effects of aging. An eye gel or eye cream will leave your skin looking more radiant, healthy, and younger.
Face mask
WHY? To treat yo’self! A mask can be used 1-2 times per week and can leave you feeling rejuvenated after a long and stressful work week!

– Madison W

Protein powders – which one is right for you?

If you’re an avid exerciser, chances are you’re often thinking about getting the right amount of nutrients. We know that getting our nutrients from whole foods is ideal, but sometimes our busy schedules won’t let that happen; that’s when supplements and protein powders come in. The only issue? There are SO many to choose from!

Whey protein, soy protein, hemp protein and SO much more — but which one is best? The answer depends on what works best for your body type, your endurance, and your lifestyle goals.

Pack in these proteins if you’re…

Getting swole: For muscle growth, stick with whey protein. Whey protein is the most common and cheapest type of protein on the market. It’s been shown to increase muscle size and strength if consumed within two hours of a workout.
Dropping the Lbs: For weight loss, avoid proteins with added sugars or dextrins/maltodextrins (sweeteners made from starch). Hemp protein for example, is not the best option for those who are calorie counting as it comes with a high fat content.
Staying away from anything with legs: If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, you’ll want to look for 100% plant based proteins. Stay away from whey or anything milk based and consider buying a soy-based protein. Studies have shown that soy protein has many of the same effects as whey protein when consumed after a workout. Hemp protein is another great option.
Avoiding tummy problems: If you’re gluten intolerant or sensitive, avoid proteins that contain wheat or gluten. If you’re lactose intolerant, stay away from proteins with lactose sugars or artificial sweeteners.
Watching the wallet: Protein powders can get quite expensive. It’s often cheaper to buy a tub of protein than ready-made shakes.

– Madison W