Meet Maya – December 2018 Rider of the Month

Maya was nominated by studio General Manager Maritzabell. A corporate extraordinaire by day and spin queen by night. Maya is so inspiring, she can be found at BESPOKE on weekends, sharing her spunk, smiles and warm wishes for workout success from behind our front desk. Maya is part of the coveted BESPOKE family and we cherish her drive and consistency as a rider, family member and career woman!

Her weekdays are filled with the corporate minutiae that can drain anyone’s momentum .. NOT MAYA! She allows it to fuel her into focus and drive, investing in her transformation. She began as a rider and now we literally pay for her presence – she is such a delight. 
Follow her journey below and stop by to say hi to her on weekends! Weekdays, she is right next to YOU,  tapping it back and adding resistance on the front row. Join her, join us & share your success! “


When did you start riding?

I took my first cycling class in August 2016. My first class at Bespoke was in February 2017.


What made you search for an indoor cycling studio?

I used to be a runner when I was younger and I hurt my knees. I was bored with the same workouts and always working out on my own, so I tried indoor cycling for the first time with the hope of finding an intense but low-impact workout. I wanted to mix up the stale routine I had at that time. The competition of a class and the motivation of an instructor make cycling the perfect fitness destination for me.


Do you know how many rides you’ve taken?

I am somewhere around 100-120!  I try to take class three or four times a week.


How did you hear about BESPOKE?

I used to live a block over from Bespoke and I walked by the studio after leaving Target. I was excited to try a studio so close to my home!


Had you even spun before BESPOKE before joining? 

Yes, I spun before joining BESPOKE. However, I really liked the instructors I had at Bespoke. I believed they were the best and most challenging in February 2017 and I believe that today.


Who is your fitness role model, and why?

I know I am wiggling out of this question with this answer, but I truly view all of our instructors as role models. I am so impressed by the ability to lead a class of cyclists while really working hard on the bike yourself. I feel that I learn different approaches and pick up bits of knowledge that make me a better rider with each class. I know several of our instructors well, and they each have unique challenges in their lives that make their energy, dedication, and stamina admirable to me.


What is your favorite music to cycle too?

I enjoy a really wide range of music, but on the bike, I am all about a great beat! I am a big hip hop fan, but I also enjoy more dance/EDM mixes. Thanks to Hector, I really like cycling to Latin songs as well.


Tell us of a specific accomplishment you’ve had with your active lifestyle.

I specifically love the confidence I have gained from cycling. I feel comfortable wearing whatever I want to wear, and I never worry about not being able to fit any of my clothes. I used to be very self-conscious, but it is so great to be comfortable in a swimsuit any time in LA!


What keeps you motivated lately?

I truly have a great time in class, so most of the time just the idea of going to class is enough to keep me motivated. I am also a person who focuses on an event or occasion and I plan what I am going to wear, how I want to look, etc. My birthday is coming up at the end of January, so I will definitely be focused on exercising and eating well before then.


What changes have you made that are working for you?

I started a new medication in June that interacts with alcohol, so I haven’t had any since then! That has made a big change in my lifestyle, mood, energy, and overall well-being. I also cut back to one serving of caffeine a day. Both of these changes have helped me sleep better and then have more energy for cycling (and life in general).


Any other breakthroughs you’ve had that you want to share?

I had two major breakthroughs on the bike. The first one was the first time I made it through a whole class without missing any choreography and staying on beat. The second was making it through a class and having a great time. There’s another wall you cross where it just becomes much more fun and a lot more like dancing rather than hard work.


How consistent are you with riding on a weekly basis?

I strive for four classes a week, but realistically I attend three. I do skip a week here and there, for illness or travel. I recently started adding a mix of weights, yoga, and barre to the days I don’t cycle.


On a scale of 1 – 10 how healthy do you feel incorporating cycling into your lifestyle?

10 being the healthiest possible, I would give the addition of cycling to my lifestyle a true 10. There is not much better than the healthy feeling after a class – the feeling of giving it your all and leaving the room to take on whatever comes my way. The most challenging part of the day has been conquered and anything else is easy!


What would you tell new riders?

Cycling just keeps getting better! It is really challenging when you begin, and your first several classes will be very difficult. You will most likely experience soreness in muscles you did not know you had. However, it gets better! You will slowly master the choreography, and catch the faster beats on the bike. The best feeling is breaking through your old limits and accomplishing more on the bike than you did in your last class.


What has been your most memorable experience with BESPOKE?

The most memorable part of Bespoke is the community we have at the studio. I feel that we are one of the most open and welcoming studios. I know fellow riders from all walks of life, all ages, and all activity levels. I love that we can all come together in one room and cycle despite any differences we might have. I am so grateful for the friends I have made and the kindness, support, and encouragement of everyone at Bespoke.



How much weight did you lose from day one?

I am down 15lbs since I started the trade for service program in April!


How long did it take to see major changes? 

I saw improvement in my first month, from April to May. I was moderately active at the time, so I definitely was not starting from scratch. I was able to burn a lot of the fat I wanted to lose fairly quickly!


Lose any inches from your waist?

Absolutely! Clothes that were almost too tight to wear are loose now, I have lost a size or two depending on brand.

(I didn’t take initial measurements so I can’t give a number here)


Where there any obstacles or challenges you faced in losing weight?

Yes, I have a demanding day job so I really had to prioritize working out. It is not always easy to commit to a schedule for working out so I had block out time for cycling. It is always difficult to eat healthy when you are busy, so I had to think about what I was eating and how each food made me feel. By making these two changes, I saw a lot of improvement.



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