Meet Our New Instructor, JEFF!

“Hey, I’m Jeff!”

My main source of inspiration comes from a consistent and persistent passion for growth from within.  Whether it be spiritual, mental, creative or physical I believe we can grow much bigger and achieve so much more by effectively including and honoring one another. Being in the moment and accomplishing clear and present goals one at a time.. I aim to create an intense, exciting, ever-changing and safe environment in each class.

I wanna move.

I wanna dance.

I wanna push.

I wanna sprint… and

I want you with me.  

My expectation is that you’ll not only have a blast… you’ll leave wanting more.  

Q. What’s a word of inspiration you can give your riders? Plain and simple, the badass in me.. absolutely wants to meet the badass in you. So…BRING IT!!

Q. What’s a simple playlist riders can expect from you? TV On The Radio, Prince, Phantogram, Drake, Kendrick Lamar , Kanye. I really do have SO many!  I’m ALWAYS listening to new stuff.  Like daily.

Q. Where are you from originally? Suburbs of Detroit

Q. If you could have any superpower, what power would it be and why? I’m obsessed with comic book stuff. Magneto has one of my favorite powers. Deadpool is EVERYTHING… but if I could have any power I’d either be a witch or a magician. Something that could grow with me and gain power as I wanted.

Q. What are five interesting or random facts about yourself?

I’m a pretty strict vegetarian.

I practice yoga everyday.


My best dance moves are on the bike.

My favorite color is Purple.



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