Meet Sylvia & Yo Santosa – April 2019 Riders of the Month

#theBESPOKEeffect with Sylvia and Yo Santosa

Nominated by Instructor Orlando

Sylvia Riding Since:  November 2017 | Rides Taken: 190

Yo Riding Since: December 2018   | Rides Taken: 167

In Orlando’s words: these two show up for every class, and not just mine – sometimes they double up with back-to-back classes. A BESPOKE trend! The thing about these two, they don’t just show up, they go hard! This is not a requirement but they give over 100% each time they ride. On and off the bike they bring smiles, jokes and overall good energy to the class, and the entire studio. These two are always pleasant and sweet. They don’t keep all this BESPOKE goodness to themselves… they often bring a guest to the studio!

Question: When did you start riding?

Silvia: Jan 2018

Question: What made you search for an indoor cycling studio?

Silvia: Curiosity. I’ve been a runner for 20 years and looking for a good cardio alternative.

Question:  Do you know how many rides you’ve taken?

Silvia:  Around 150.

Question:  How did you hear about BESPOKE?

Silvia:  Classpass

Question:  Had you ever spun before BESPOKE before joining?

Silvia: Yes, I’ve tried Soul Cycle.

Question:  Who is your fitness role model, and why?

Silvia: My mom, she will be 70 in a couple of years and works out consistently each morning to keep healthy, looking and feeling good.

Question:  Who is your fitness role model, and why?

Yo: My sister. Check out her arms.

Question: What is your favorite music to cycle too?

Silvia: Retro Hip Hop.

Question: Tell us of a specific accomplishment you’ve had with your active lifestyle.

Silvia: I’ve been able to reduce my body fat %.

Question: What keeps you motivated lately?

Silvia: Other consistent riders help keep me motivated along with Orlando’s classes – his direction, choreography, energy, and music keeps me engaged to push myself each class. And his smile is just…magical.

Question:  What would you tell new riders?

Yo: It’s ok if you can’t keep up, you’ll get better! My first ride, I rode like I am strolling at the beach. 😉

Question: What changes have you made that are working for you?

Silvia: I book my seats in advance so I am committed. Riding with my sister so we try to keep each other accountable.

Question: How consistent are you with riding on a weekly basis?

Silvia: 3 times per week consistency.

Question: What is the most important part of your transformation?

Silvia: I am stronger than I thought, physically and mentally.

Question: What would you tell new riders?

Silvia: Don’t be intimidated, you can go at your own pace, nobody judges. Try out different instructors, so you can find the style that suits you best. The instructors and environment are there to support you and your self-discovery.

Question: What has been your most memorable experience with BESPOKE?

Silvia: Riding with both my sister and mom last year.

Question:  Where there any obstacles or challenges you faced in losing weight?

Yo: Abstinence from fried chicken.

Question:  How long did it take to see major changes?

Silvia: 6 months of spinning consistently.

Question:  Lose any inches from your waist?

Silvia: I think so.

Question:  Where there any obstacles or challenges you faced in losing weight?

Silvia: Controlling my overeating has been a challenge for me. Food is just so good.

Question: On a scale of 1 – 10 how healthy do you feel incorporating cycling into

your lifestyle?

Silvia: 8


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