Meet Janine – November 2018 Rider of the Month

“Without question, BESPOKE is an obvious choice for those of us looking to shed a few pounds,
increase our activity levels and improve our overall health. I would argue that more importantly
BESPOKE is the place to come to if you are seeking a sense of community. When I was asked
to nominate a rider for our November feature I immediately knew who it needed to be. As the
saying goes “Birds of a feather flock together”, Janine R. is one of the closest birds in my flock.
I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Janine over the past year and I have found her to be
one of the most genuine people I have ever met. As it turned out we had more in common than
our shared love of spin. Janine and her family recently relocated to LA from Bermuda and like
me, she didn’t know anyone and was looking for a community.’ – Rashan
Janine first visited BESPOKE in July of 2016, as of this publication she has taken 530 classes.
Prior to joining BESPOKE Janine tried out some other cycling studio but did not find them to be
inviting. She credits our instructors and front desk staff with motivating her to keep coming
back. This former runner says clipping in daily is part of her inside out wellness. Janine
averages 6 classes a week and can usually be found on her favorite bike, #6. Spin allows her
to be able to manage her weight and indulge over the weekend….isn’t that what motivates most of
us to keep coming, lol!
I recently sat down with Janine to ask her a few questions. I know you’ll enjoy getting to know
her as much as I have. The next time you’re in class stop by bike #6 and say hi!
Rashan – How did you hear about BESPOKE?
Janine – Someone passed me a flyer while shopping at FigAt7th.
Rashan – Do you recall who the instructor was for your first class?
Janine – Yes, it was Elady!
Rashan – Had you ever spun before joining BESPOKE?
Janine – Yes, I began spinning at a gym in Bermuda six months before moving to Los Angeles.
I tried a few other studios in the area before finding and joining BESPOKE.
Rashan – What keeps you coming back?
Janine – I love being able to work out in a fun and engaging environment and I’ve made great
Rashan – What has been your most memorable experience at BESPOKE?
Janine – The first thing that comes to mind is the first time Elady encouraged me to join the front
row. Prior to that I usually rode in the second row. I quickly discovered that I loved riding in the
front row, I will only ride the front row now.
Rashan – What is your favorite type of music to cycle to?
Janine – Hip Hop
Rashan – What is your favorite type of choreography?

Janine – Isolations (specifically Orlando’s) are challenging, I enjoy the challenge.
Rashan – If one song had to be on every playlist for the rest of your life what would that song
Janine – “Moment for life” by Nicki Minaj
Rashan – What is your favorite part of being a BESPOKE rider?
Janine – My favorite part is the community feel I’ve found here.
Rashan – What advice would you give to new riders?
Janine – Stick with it! It only takes a few weeks to get hooked and you’ll meet great people
along the way.

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