Meet Charles – February 2019 Rider of the Month

How can you walk into the BESPOKE studio, see Charles’ smiling face (and some spectacular hair color), and not know that you have stepped into one of the coolest and friendliest cycling studios DTLA… no, correct that, LA has to offer.  Whether morning, noon or night, you have a great chance of catching a “Charles sighting” because the man is a spin demon, often doubling up and inspiring fellow BESPOKE riders to take it to the next level. This man defines bike number “5”, front and center and ready to burn up some calories and set the pace for the class.  Following an injury I had in December, Charles became the “go to” guy to ride the instructors’ bike while I hopped and skipped around the room ordering all you riders to “tap it back!”, And the man never misses a tap back! Ok, one last thing, you know all the inspiring newsletters and BESPOKE marketing stuff… yup, your man Charles is keeping us all connected.  Now, Y’all just roll them shoulders back, take a deep a breath, in through your nose, out through your mouth, and join me with a big shout out to Charles!

When did you start riding?

Started riding in July 2016 at other studios. Came across BESPOKE in April of 2018. Rode with Instructor Erika for my initial first ride and could NOT keep up with the class. It’s rewarding to see how far I’ve come in such a short time.


How many rides have you taken in total to date?

Did the math with the front desk staff and tallied up 172 rides in 10 months.


What made you search for an indoor cycling studio?

I didn’t have any desire to try indoor cycling until a friend of mine asked me to try it out with her. From there I had started taking classes whenever I could find a good deal. Lol.


How did you hear about BESPOKE?

The same friend told me I should try this cycling studio she stumbled across on Class Pass. I took the free intro class and fell in love with the studio. This studio has friendliest staff and instructors. The sense of community is what made me return for more.


Had you ever spun before BESPOKE before joining?

I had spun at Flywheel and Soul Cycle. Both are great studios, but BESPOKE keeps me coming back for more every week because of the remarkable instructors welcoming staff. A tip of the hat to the instructors and staff!


Who is your fitness role model, and why?

This is such a hard question because there are so many fitness role models around me on a daily basis… If I had to choose, it would have to be my best friend. He’s been constant motivation for me since we were teenagers. He’s kept me aligned with being active, and making sure that an active lifestyle is a priority in my life. The dude is a health nut, and it’s always good to have one of those close by I suppose. Thanks, Mark!


What is your favorite music to cycle to?

Definitely EDM! Those beats man… They’re perfect for flats, sprints, and hills. Its very adaptable music for a spin in my opinion, but I’ll also take good remix or mash-up!


Tell us of a specific accomplishment you’ve had with your active lifestyle.

My dexterity has definitely improved. I find myself more flexible and agile in the last few months. I used to have bad back problems from being overweight and not caring about posture. Haven’t really felt that pain much since I started spinning consistently and becoming more active across the board.


What keeps you motivated lately?

Seeing the consistent progress I’ve been achieving keeps me motivated for one. Secondly, being surrounded by like-minded individuals in the studio helps keep me on track also. Sitting front and center is also pretty motivating during class. Shoutout to all the instructors who stay calling me out during class. You push me further to become better with every ride 🙂


What changes have you made that are working for you?

Honestly, I stopped drinking alcohol and consuming cannabis as frequently as I did before. I didn’t overdo it (usually) with either substance, but they both have side effects that would render me useless after consumption. That part of the consumption wasn’t fun, and I started to hate the feeling when I canceled spin class after spin class. I gradually started cutting down consumption of both all together to find a better balance that worked for me and my active lifestyle.


Any other breakthroughs you’ve had that you want to share?

Physically speaking, this is the thinnest and physically fit I’ve been in over 10+ years. Mentally I’m always in a great headspace all the time thanks to the endorphins! When you feel good, you look good. Then you spread the good!


How consistent are you with riding on a weekly basis?

Recently I have been averaging about 5-8 rides. Usually only ride from Tuesday to Saturday’s if you wanna join! If my schedule permits, I double up back-to-back classes to burn some extra calories. Being called out by an instructor between classes will manifest a double spin also… Lol.


On a scale of 1 – 10 how healthy do you feel incorporating cycling into your lifestyle?

Without questions, a 10. Adding cycling into my daily routine has really helped me achieve and maintain a healthy weight. After being told by a doctor that I was overweight a while back, I realized that something needed to change. Being referred to the studio was the best thing that could have happened to me.


What advice do you have for new riders?

Take a couple of classes, join the studio for a few weeks and see how you like it from there. Group fitness nor cycling is for everyone… Rome wasn’t built in a day so your endurance, and ability to follow all the chores, will come in time. Another rider said, “Spin never gets easier, but you do get better.” That’s spin in a nutshell. Anyone can do it well if you constantly commit mentally and try your hardest each ride.


What has been your most memorable experience with BESPOKE?

We obviously don’t go anywhere on these stationary in-studio bikes, but racing Instructor Steve during his final flats have become a reoccurring memorable experience. The end of his classes consists of a final sprint with low resistance and a high volume of rotations. He’ll call me out so that we can go head-to-head on who can “spin the fastest”—if that’s even a thing because we’re not going anywhere… *shrugs* Friendly competition never hurt anyone. Ha!


How much weight did you lose from day one?

I haven’t lost too much weight. I’ve lost about 22lbs since my first ride, but the significant change has been in body fat. I’ve dropped about 5% body fat in the 10 months that I’ve been actively riding at the studio.


How long did it take to see major results?

When I joined the studio, I had already started being pretty active, so it was probably a good 3 or so months before I saw any physical results. Within the first month, however, I could tell that my endurance is getting better. I could keep up with classes without gassing out halfway through.


Lose any inches from your waist?

I have lost 5 inches around my waist to date and have dropped four pant sizes. It sounds great and all, but now it’s hard to find a nice pair of pants that fit me well! #firstworldproblems


Where there any obstacles or challenges that you faced in losing weight?

Every day is an obstacle for me, especially in my work environment. Having fast metabolism is foreign to me, so I can understand why gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins! I am constantly hungry but having healthy alternatives in a fast-paced work environment isn’t always an option. I have to make those options available to myself.



Meet Rachael – January 2019 Rider of the Month

Hector: “I chose Rachael as a Rider of the Month because she, like many before her, have become staples to the BESPOKE community. Rachael is one of those members you just instantly remembered and got to know; you couldn’t miss her hot pink hair and just awesome vibe. She is usually always there in the mornings riding front row, doing back to back classes with the usual Starbucks run in between! Ha. She’s someone like I’m sure many others are that have made fitness and spinning a lifestyle and will continue to for years to come. :)”

When was your first ride?
February 2017

How many rides have You taken in total to date?

What made you search for an indoor cycling studio?
Honestly…I went overboard eating on a trip and needed to feel less bloated. Heard spinning was the way to go!

How did you hear about BESPOKE?
A friend suggested it actually. It was too hot to go hiking, so she brought me to BESPOKE instead.

Tell us of a specific accomplishment you’ve had with your active lifestyle.
I joined a weight loss challenge and through consistency in taking BESPOKE classes, I lost over 20 pounds.

How consistent are you with riding on a weekly basis?
6-10 rides a week. If I can, I double up. Everyone should try it at some point. Seems intimidating, and sometimes a bit crazy,  but the second class almost always feels like it goes by faster! Body is already warm and loose and ready for the beating. Ha!

What would you tell new riders?
Don’t get discouraged. It does take about 4-5 rides to get used to spinning. Also, it doesn’t get easier, but you get better, and it does feel rewarding when you can start keeping up to the beat of the music!


Meet Sam – October 2018 Rider of the Month

Sam Spencer was nominated by Instructor Erica because of his spirit, drive, and consistency as a rider at BESPOKE!

Erica: “I selected Sam because of his spirit, drive, and consistency as a rider here at BESPOKE! When he first started riding here, he told me that BESPOKE instantly made him feel included, which wasn’t always his experience at other indoor cycling studios. His feeling of inclusion is extremely important to me because my goal as an instructor is for everyone to feel accepted in and out of class! Here are five questions that give an idea of his accomplishments these last six months.”

  • What made you search for an indoor cycling studio?

In March, my annual physical didn’t go well. I have done a dozen marathons and have always been active and athletic, but injury and just plain laziness were catching up with me at age 56. My weight and lab results led my doctor to recommend going on medications to mitigate my risk of future problems, but I suggested he give me a few weeks to attack the situation with modifications to my diet and exercise regimen, among them replacing all my ‘days off’ with spin classes at Bespoke. I bought an introductory pass and dove in.

  • How long did it take you to see major changes?

Ten weeks later, I had dropped 25 pounds, normalized my blood pressure and blood sugar, and shaved 70 points off my cholesterol. Even better, as I write this in October, I have kept the weight off – I’m down 30 pounds now – and the changes I made are now entrenched as habits. I turn 57 this month, and I have the weight and physique I had at 25.

  • What was the most important part of your transformation?

Becoming a BESPOKE regular was the most important part of my transformation. And the 100 classes I’ve taken have come with the added bonus of becoming a part of a community, not just with other riders but with the fantastic instructors and staff, who are unfailingly professional, helpful, and fun. I look forward to seeing them with every ride, and that’s an important part of what keeps me going. A huge thank you to everyone at BESPOKE for their help in making this one of the best years of my life.

  • What is your favorite music to cycle to?

My own musical taste is out of the mainstream I’m rarely familiar with what’s being played in class, but it’s okay! I leave those choices to the instructors, and part of their skill is making the music work for the kind of workout they want to lead that day, and they’re all great at it. So my part is just to lock in on the beat and find the right resistance to make staying on that beat a challenge.

  • What advice would you give a newer rider who may feel afraid to take the leap you took?

I had done some spinning prior to 2018, but for the true beginner, I’d say either a community ride or an intro package is an easy way of seeing how spinning works for you. From what I observe when there are new people in the room, the staff and instructors always take special care to help take the stress out of those first few classes.

#theBESPOKEeffect with SAM SPENCER!

Riding since: March 2018 | Number: of Rides: 111

Sam Spencer was nominated by Instructor Erica because of his spirit, drive, and consistency as a rider at BESPOKE! The studio instantly made him feel included, which wasn’t always his experience at other indoor cycling studios. His feelings of inclusion are extremely important to Erica because her goal as an instructor is for everyone to feel accepted in and out of class. Check out his captivating story!


Get to Know Hector Better

  • 5 Random facts about yourself?

oldest of three siblings;  play the piano; professional photographer; have two dogs and two cats; fascinated by aliens


  • What is your favorite food?

this is a toss up between Thai Chicken and Mushroom Coconut Soup, not spicy, oil chili on the side(Tom Kha), and a Peruvian appetizer dish called Papa a la Huancaina! Yummm


  • What do you do to de-stress?

I play video games on my phone. My go to’s are bejeweled and Marvel’s Future Fight. That or I find karaoke songs on YouTube and sing!


  • Where are you from?

I’m from Guatemala. Parents brought me to the US when I was around 6yrs old and been in California ever since.


  • When did you cry last time? And why?

I sobbed at the first episode of season2 of the new Queer Eye. Very relatable!


  • What makes you laugh?

smart funny things.


  • What is your favorite music style?

house music would have to be at the top. Love the defined beats. But anything with a strong vocalist really does It for me.


  • If you could only eat ONE thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Thai coconut soup.


  • What is one thing you wish you had more of in your life?



  • Do you like Chinese food?

love.  My favorite type of fast food.


  • Have you ever changed clothes in a vehicle?

often. Between classes at different studios usually.


  • What would you do if you had insomnia and had to find something to do to amuse yourself?

what I do when I can’t sleep is put on documentaries.  They usually involve alien conspiracies or sciencey type topics. I also love home improvement or cooking shows.


  • How do you spend a typical Saturday night?

Saturday’s are my days off. So lots of relaxing. With summer around the corner, I’ll probably be making my rounds trying to visit the beach on the weekends. Movie dates are cute too.


  • List three words that you would use to describe yourself!

mellow; kind; mysterious


  •  Have you traveled outside the US and what destination has been your favorite so far?

yes, I have.  I would say that I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Ireland. Loved taking the Jameson whiskey tour. Loved the hostels I got to stay in. People were so great. London is second on my list. Would go back tomorrow if I could!


  •  Where you always into fitness?

I was always very active. I played soccer since I was a kid and all throughout college. The sports mentality and discipline to never give up and to work hard and be a good team player has always been a part of my persona. I also enjoyed swimming and I believe it’s what’s kept my body in the healthy shape it’s in. I never sought to be super buff or was never too worried about being ripped and super muscular!  As long as I could hang in sports, and feel good doing it I was content.


  •  Are you competitive?

I would consider myself competitive but definitely NOT to a fault.  Healthy sportsmanship is why I’ve enjoyed the organized sport. I can always appreciate a game well played whether I win or lose. (But I love to win)


  •  What’s your favorite color?

it’s a tossup between orange and lime green. Although, I’ve been told red is a good color for me, so it’s a good thing I’m at BESPOKE!


  • Why BESPOKE?

We value your time and strive to deliver an amazing experience on the saddle. It’s a studio built with the concept of giving the rider something to look forward to, like an escape, a Fitness high! The members here are all so involved and care about their cycling home. I love being a part of that.


As an avid runner and soccer player growing up, cardio is something Hector was always familiar with. He discovered teaching after falling in love with the combination of indoor cycling and yoga and how great those workouts, together, made his body feel.

Hector’s artistic and musical sensibilities also make curating playlists a dream job! You can expect to hear the heavy defined beats of house and trap music as well as Latin fiesta sounds! His goal, aside from you enjoying the ass kicking on the bike, is to help guide you through proper form while riding so you can get the most from your time in class. Hector believes a strong stable core, proper breath control, and an open heart will strengthen your fitness routine on the saddle.

Favorite quote: “Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you new workout clothes. And that’s pretty darn close!” – Unknown

Fun fact: Hector is also a freelance photographer, shooting everything from headshots to model portfolios, to events.




  • Any upcoming travel plans? 

Yes, taking a road trip to a secluded little town in Colorado and then going home to Texas to visit my new niece and celebrate my other niece’s 5th birthday.

  • When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your time? 

Love exploring California with little weekend trips to Big Bear, Ojai etc…

  • What’s the first concert you attended? 

Britney Spears—My life was complete.

  • Where do you most hope to visit?

Iceland, Bali or the Amalfi Coast

  • What was your first job?

Camp Counselor/ Golf Coach at our local country club.

  • What is your most-used emoji?


  • If you could change your name, what would it be?

London or something with a little more edge, but I still love my name.

  • If you had to eat one thing for every meal going forward, what would you eat?

Chicken with Mexican Rice. I could eat them forever.

  • What’s one thing your mother/father taught you that completely changed your life?

My mom taught me to always choose love and kindness above all else.  My dad taught me to live my life and not care about what others think.

  • What’s been on your mind lately?

My puppy has entered his terrible toddler phase so he has been testing my patients.

  • What’s one of your favorite memories?

My mom and I were at a Sonic type drive-thru.  She pressed the button to order, but the person answered a car over and she thought they were talking to her.  I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t get words out to tell her to stop yelling at the poor person for getting the order wrong.  My mom always made me laugh.

  • What’s one thing about you that surprises people?

I was in a sorority in College.  Go Alpha Delta Pi!!

  • What was something you’ve done that made you feel extreme happiness?

I finally got a puppy!

  • What does success mean to you?

That depends on how an individual defines success.  For me, it isn’t about money or fancy things, success to me is being unapologetically true to yourself and just living a fulfilled life surrounded by lots of love and amazing people.

  • What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

When we leave this world we don’t take the superficial things with us, we take the relationships and the love we shared.  So, love fiercely.

  • If you could invite 3 people, dead or alive, to a dinner party, who would they be, and why?

I would love to have dinner with my mom again and grandma.  They would obviously have to cook because anything they made was filled with love and always reminds me of home.

  • How can someone win a gold star with you?

Flatter me, jk.  A sense of humor, I love people that can laugh at themselves.

  • What energizes you and brings you excitement?

There is no better feeling than knowing something I did in class or said helped someone or made someone’s day.  If I can brighten just a little part of your day and make you forget about the rest of the world for 45 minutes it excites me.

  • What qualities do you value in the people with whom you spend time?

How kind someone is and loyal is very important.  The people I surround myself with would all show up if I needed them as I would for them.

  • What’s your guilty pleasure?

I have an obsession with Peanut Clusters.  I mean it is out of CONTROL. Keep them AWAY!

Christina is a Texas-born firecracker who always has a smile on her face and is sure to add a “ya’ll” to every sentence. Christina attended the University of Texas at Austin before making her move out to Southern California. She is always up for an adventure and loves the hiking trails California offers.

After suffering a personal loss, indoor cycling became Christina’s outlet, as it became something to look forward to every day. Now, she uses her love for cycling and personal experience to impact the lives of others as an instructor. Her fun and energetic persona is the perfect formula for fun, yet challenging classes!

Favorite quote: “Live loud. Love louder.” Unknown

Fun fact: Christina doesn’t drink coffee.

Current music obsession: Electro pop



Why Do You Burn More Calories in a BESPOKE Class?

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, “tricking your body into burning fat.” This is what happens when you rapidly alternate between exercises so that your body doesn’t have a chance to “get used to” the task at hand, making it work harder to catch up. This is why our BESPOKE classes are specifically designed to alternate between sprints, climbs, isolations and jumps. When you mix up your exercise, you sweat harder, get stronger, and yep — burn more calories. Not only that, but the constant change-ups (matched with our awesome mixes) make sure you’re engaged, excited, and enthusiastic toward the finish line.

To learn more about calorie burning with cardio, click here.