It can be tough finding a healthy food option in a pinch when you work downtown. You need to refuel, but when your choices are limited — that’s when the fast food starts calling. …Then cue the 2pm feeling, slumped over and sleepy at your desk. Sound familiar?

When it comes to choosing our mid-day meals, most of us go for convenience over quality. We need a nutrition-packed meal that’s going to energize us, not slow us down — but when you only have 45 minutes for lunch, where do you go?

When you work out like us, re-fueling is key. Whether you squeeze in an early-morning class or plan on an after-work ride, that mid-day meal is crucial for your energy levels.

Many people mistakenly believe that you can eat a greasy meal so long as your counteract it with a heavy workout, but this is not the case. Eating a 300-calorie donut does not provide the same nourishing satisfaction nor energy levels as eating a 300-calorie salad with whole chicken.

High-sugar foods like donuts go through your body quickly, making you hungrier sooner. By having high-protein, well-rounded meals, you can keep your focus strong and steady throughout the day.

Take our lead and treat yourself to Tender Greens!

We love Tender Greens because of its variety of healthy options, fresh ingredients, and quick and accommodating service. We know they take wholesome living as serious as we do.

One gaze at the Tender Greens menu and you’ll find all sorts of awesome options fitting various dietary restrictions and preferences. Their environment is cool and casual, with a bar of bright and beautiful side dishes that look freshly plucked from a farmer’s market.

One of the keys to Tender Greens’ success is their work with local farmers and ranchers to provide the best quality ingredients to their customers, farm-to-table style. They believe that healthy eating starts with learning new ways to eat, bringing balance and variety into your everyday routine — and we agree.

Make sure you try Tender Greens for your next post-ride meal!


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