What is a Cycling Studio?

An indoor cycling studio

A cycling studio is a modern fitness class that is based on exercising on stationary bikes. The fitness sessions are guided by instructors. These sessions are a complex cardio workout, which is focused on high-intensity intervals with periods for active recovery.

How It Works

Cycling is a high intensity fitness exercise. When cycling, you are going to sweat, increase your heart rate and get worked out. Indoor cycling is aimed at getting rid of excess fat, improving your cardiovascular system, and increasing your muscle endurance. It helps you work out your legs and produce endorphins which make you feel really good.

Why a Cycling Studio?

There are a lot of gyms offering indoor cycling classes. However, only a specialized cycling studio can guarantee a high-quality cycling workout. It is better to do 3-5 classes a week to achieve the best results. If you already are in for sports, you may just want to add 1-2 classes into your weekly workout. The duration of a class is usually 45-60 minutes. In class, there is a cycling bike available for each individual. Plus, the bikes are directed either toward the instructor or a mirror.

What Will We Do?

While cycling, an instructor will show you different types of cycling. You are going to do uphill climbs and bursts of speed switched with short recovery periods. Sometimes you will need to get off the saddle and pedal in a standing position. All exercising will be accompanied by appropriate music, sometimes very rhythmic, sometimes more calm. Sometimes you will have to bike several minutes with a maximum resistance, like when riding up a major hill, with a proper song to match the mood. Sometimes instructors will use your imagination to help you. You can be asked to imagine riding up a green hill on the Bahamas. Thus, our instructors avoid boredom and keep you motivated to continue training.

Why to Choose Cycling?

When your workout is over, you will be feeling like you have been on a real adventure. You will be happy, tired, and very proud of yourself. In fact, cycling is the fitness activity that enables you to move at your own pace while training in a group. It goes without saying it is important to follow your instructor’s guidelines, but still you will be encouraged to choose the positioning, resistance, and intensity for yourself. Ideally, the entire workout should be tiring, but not exhausting, challenging but comfortable.

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